For those who would like to Work in Japan Someday

An Introduction to Nursing Care Work in Japan

In 2020 the Japan Care Worker Guide management office held seminars over 5 countries, Indonesia, Mongolia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal, introducing Japan, care work in Japan and the specified skilled worker system.

Japan Care Worker Guide Online Seminar
“For Those Who Would Like to Work in Japan Someday”
-Indonesia: Thursday 26th of November 2020
-Mongolia: Wednesday 16th of December 2020
-Cambodia: Sunday 20th of December 2020
-Myanmar: Tuesday 19th of January 2021
-Nepal: Friday 5th of February 2021

We have uploaded the recording of our seminar as well as a WEB page version. For those who were unable to participate on the day please take a look!

For Those Who Would Like to Work in Japan Someday

(1st video)

The Appeal of Japan

(2nd video)

The Demand for Care Workers in Japan

2. Japan Now

(3rd video)

The Job of a Care Worker

3. What is the job of a care worker like?

(4th video)

The Specified Skilled Worker System

4. Specified Skilled Worker System

Useful tools

Here are some useful tools to start your journey as a care worker in Japan.

Those who are interested in studying Japanese on their own can use the free online site called “Nihongo wo Manabou” 

Here are some free textbooks about nursing care service.

We interviewed one of our care workers from Indonesia. Click here to find out how he is finding his time in Japan and what sparked his decision to pursue this field in Japan.

If you have any interest in working in Japan, now is your chance because the number of workers is decreasing and the government is taking action.

Please don’t miss this opportunity.


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