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Country of origin : Indonesia
Year of arrival in Japan : October 2016
Status of residence : Specified Skilled Worker (i)
Japanese ability : N2


As a child I enjoyed anime and I also dreamed of studying abroad.

I look at my mother and I think I of things I can learn from this job for myself and also about how to care of her in the future.

Japan is very beautiful, has nice scenery, there are many cultural events and festivals with food. It is a really interesting place.

I learned Japanese at Japanese language schools and from watching anime. For care work I learned it while working here.

I met many elderly people and I learned a lot by talking to them which inspired me to work hard while I am young.

The staff here are nice to me, the workplace is clean, and most of all this is a very safe place to be.

Here in Okinawa there are many site seeing spots for tourists, especially the beautiful beaches.

When I first came to Japan I was not able to speak Japanese well so I often used body gestures to communicate. Now I laugh when I remember back to those times.

As time passes your dreams change. But for now, I just want to pass the national examination to be a certified care worker.

Every job is difficult in the beginning. But if you want to learn useful skills for the future from your job I think care work for the elderly is the best job for that.

What pleased me most is that I learned to appreciate my life more and now I try to be more cautious about what I do.

“Your Japanese is really good!”, “You do such good work”, “Don’t give up!”, for example.

We talk about all kinds of things like our hobbies, families, and even trivial things.

Not so useful to my life right now but in the future I might need to take care of my parents when they get older and when that happens I will be so thankful for what I learned from this job.

At the beginning it was difficult for me because it was the first time to ever do this work. But as time went on it became easier.

This year because of Corona, I thought that the most stable work available in Japan would be care work.

I learned to speak Japanese fluently quite quickly because of my passion for anime. I often wrote down the words from anime in my notebook and memorized them.

I learned that I must learn to manage my own life and appreciate this life.

I would encourage them to enjoy their time in Japan, try many things they have never tried before, challenge eating new food, observe things that are new to you. If you do this you will surely enjoy your time in Japan.

My favorite scenic spot in Okinawa is Manzamo. I love natural scenery and when I am there I feel so grateful to be there.

Cambodia Von Miarea

Country of origin : Cambodia
Year of arrival in Japan : 2015
Status of residence : Nursing Care
Japanese skill : N2


In the future I would like to take care of my parents and my grandparents, who I adore.

I think Japan is a beautiful country. 

I feel joy when I see facility users smile and laugh.

My colleagues working here all have good communication with each other and they are all friendly. Also, this nursing care facility was newly built so it is a nice, clean environment.

I am renting a room near the train station which is very convenient for my daily life.

Most Japanese are good people. Whenever I have any problems, they always help me to solve those problems.  

While I was living in Japan, I acquired the certificate of Certified Care Worker. Next, I want to get the certificate of Certified Social Worker.

Nursing care work is a difficult job, but when we truly practice it this job also has enjoyment too. Moreover, this job is essential for society. For example, even in this Corona virus pandemic, some jobs in the economy are lost but care work is always needed.

In Cambodia people always go to the hospital when they are sick to get care from a doctor. When they recover they return home and if they are elderly their children will take care of them.

The greatest joy in nursing care work is seeing the users smile at us.

I was sometimes told by elder people that they were happy when they saw me coming to work. Also, I was praised by their families for my hard work and they would say “Thank you for your help”.

To be suitable for care work I think you have to be a very patient person and rarely get angry.

As I said before, my goal is to receive the certificate of Certified Social Worker.

I chose Japan because it is one of the famous countries of the world. Japan has many differences from my country, such as transportation. Whether the destination is near or far most Japanese people commute by train because it is convenient. But in Cambodia most people commute by cars or motorbikes.  

When discussing Japan in my country the first thing that comes to mind is technology because in Japan it is so advanced.

I came to Japan with my husband so to relax in my free time I always go for a walk and eat out somewhere with my husband.

When I first came to Japan I didn’t understand what anybody said to me and I couldn’t reply to them either.
When I don ‘t understand what users are saying I always ask my Japanese friends, teachers or my work colleagues to teach me.

I think I now have a clear plan for my future. Also, one more thing, my living standard is getting much better than before.

When you come to live in Japan you should try to make a lot of friends and on your days off visit many places, take walks, eat and relax.

I like to eat tempura. I also like Japanese noodles.

It is hard to say which place I like most, but I like places with a lot of flowers. Japan is a country with many flowers and I enjoy taking many flower watching trips.

Mongolia Damdinsuren ISHINKHOROL

Country of origin : Mongolia
Year of arrival in Japan : 2020
Status of residence : Technical Intern Trainee
Japanese skill : N3

Mongolia Batgerel ARIUNGEREL

Country of origin : Mongolia
Year of arrival in Japan : 2019
Status of residence : Technical Intern Trainee
Japanese skill : N2


【Damdinsuren ISHINKHOROL】When I was in Mongolia, reading a book made me want to go to a different country, meet more people, and learn more. At that time, Japan felt closest to me, maybe because Sumo wrestling is similar to Mongolian wrestling. I was also intrigued by Japanese history and medicine when I heard that Mount Fuji connects underground to Mount Otgontenger in Mongolia. So I decided to go to Japan and start learning Japanese. 

【Batgerel ARIUNGEREL】I like learning foreign languages. I have studied two to three foreign languages before. From an early age, I loved Japanese-related things, such as Japanese movies, so I decided to learn Japanese and enrolled in a Japanese language school.Nursing care jobs were announced at our Japanese language school in Mongolia. At that time, it was the first time in my life that I had ever heard about nursing care jobs.

【Damdinsuren ISHINKHOROL】I am a nurse by profession. I grew up with my grandmother, but unfortunately, I couldn’t be with her when she died eight years ago.After that I decided to work in nursing care, because I wanted to help other older people live a more peaceful and happy life until they die. 

【Damdinsuren ISHINKHOROL】Because my job is to interact with people, I become happier when I see that the users are delighted. Also, it cheers me up when they sleep well at night and wake up full of energy.When you work long enough, you can sense your user’s physical condition, just like a family. That is what inspires me the most from my work.

【Batgerel ARIUNGEREL】I am happy when I hear a user’s compliment and when I read their thank you note. 

【Damdinsuren ISHINKHOROL】
I can’t compare my facility to other nursing care facilities because I don’t know about them. My colleagues are very friendly, helpful and always support each other. In addition, the green area in our facility is very impressive and, I like it a lot.

【Batgerel ARIUNGEREL】The advantage of this nursing care facility is that it has many experienced employees. Currently, I am working at a “short-stay” facility, and the employees of this unit are very talented and experienced,all having 3 to 10 years of experience. Therefore, they usually assist and help me when I encounter some difficulties.

【Damdinsuren ISHINKHOROL】One of the advantages is that my region is close to Tokyo. However, because of Covid-19, I haven’t been to Tokyo yet. I am looking forward to going there. Also, I heard that Tokyo is one of the safest places for natural disasters. 

【Batgerel ARIUNGEREL】I went to the Uchiwa festival of Kumagaya city in July, 2019. It was my first time to attend a festival in Japan, and it was impressive for me. 

【Damdinsuren ISHINKHOROL】I am aiming to improve my Japanese skill in a short time. In the future, I want to study social welfare and public health in Japan. 

【Damdinsuren ISHINKHOROL】I will advise people who want to work as a care worker to listen to your heart. If you do this job only for the sake of salary, then you might get discouraged. It is not a difficult job if you treat people properly and kindly.You should study the physical and psychological characteristics of elderly people and improve your listening ability. Listening to Japanese podcasts and watching movies in Japanese are excellent exercises for learning Japanese.

【Batgerel ARIUNGEREL】To those who come and work as a care worker, it is challenging work, but once you get used to it, you can enjoy the work.There are many difficulties, times of happiness, and of course, things to learn. Also, caring for the elderly is a great deed.

【Damdinsuren ISHINKHOROL】It makes me feel happy when user’s constipation is relieved or they eat and sleep well. I felt overwhelming happiness one time when my hands were cold, one of the users held my hand and said that “you have cold hands but a warm heart”. 

【Batgerel ARIUNGEREL】My happiest moment was when people with dementia remembered my name. 

【Damdinsuren ISHINKHOROL】I am learning from my colleagues that even the smallest things are also important. 

【Batgerel ARIUNGEREL】After I began work as a care worker, I experienced my first job of changing a person’s diaper, assisting bathing, and giving first aid.Most recently, for the first time, I learned how to call an ambulance and what to do when they arrived

【Batgerel ARIUNGEREL】When I first started to learn about nursing care work, I didn’t exactly get the right information. It was all new for me. For example, what I will do, who are the users,what is the difference between caring for elderly in Mongolia and in Japan, what is the dementia disease and so on.In Mongolia, there are not many people with dementia disease, therefore I didn’t know how to communicate and care for them. Since coming here, I have learned a lot of things.

【Damdinsuren ISHINKHOROL】I did a lot of self-preparation exercises, especially for listening, because I thought it would be difficult to speak with and understand Japanese people.

【Damdinsuren ISHINKHOROL】I am learning how to work in a Japanese organization. It is a great experience.

【Batgerel ARIUNGEREL】I have learned how to give first aid. Also, I learned what action I should take depending on a person’s body temperature. 

【Damdinsuren ISHINKHOROL】I learned how to communicate with older people and understand them very well. Also, I learned to control my emotions. 

【Batgerel ARIUNGEREL】I have become very calm since working a care worker. Also, I learned to control my own emotions. 

【Damdinsuren ISHINKHOROL】I hope that once the COVID-19 disease is over, a more interesting and fun part of my life will begin. Japan has a lot of fun things to do with the ocean and the mountains.I also want to eat traditional Japanese cuisine and take the Shinkansen, which is a modern train. I heard that there is a snowy place like winter even when it is a hot summer.The summer is sweltering outside, meantime here inside the office it is cold.

【Batgerel ARIUNGEREL】Work as a care worker is difficult and stressful, therefore don’t spend your time in Japan just focused on work and saving money.Spend your time doing things you love. For example, if you like to play music then play a piece of music or if you want to do some sports do sports.I think if you work as efficiently as possible, all will be more fun and more peaceful.

【Damdinsuren ISHINKHOROL】Japanese yogurt is similar to Mongolian plain yogurt. Therefore I became a yogurt fan here. 

【Batgerel ARIUNGEREL】There are delicious foods, sweets, and cakes in Japan. Japan has many types of cakes and sweets, which is rare in Mongolia.Mainly, I was impressed by the raisin cake when I first tasted it.

【Damdinsuren ISHINKHOROL】The nearest park has beautiful nature and trees. I like to go there during the weekends. 

【Batgerel ARIUNGEREL】The “short-stay” facility organizes outdoor activities with my users and we once went to see a plum tree park.Since in Mongolia, flowers rarely bloom in March, it was very nice for me to see flowers blooming in March for the first time. It’s definitely one of the most memorable moments of my stay in Japan.

Myanmar Mar Mar Win

Country of origin : Myanmar
Year of arrival in Japan : 2019
Status of residence : technical intern trainee (ii)
Japanese skill : N3

Myanmar Ei Ei Mon

Country of origin : Myanmar
Year of arrival in Japan : 2019
Status of residence : technical intern trainee (ii)
Japanese skill : N3


【Mar Mar Win】I decided to come to Japan because it is a safe place and has high levels of technology. 

【Ei Ei Mon】I decided to come to Japan because it is a safe place and has high levels of technology. 

【Mar Mar Win】Taking care of my father and mother was the trigger to become a care worker.

【Ei Ei Mon】I chose this job because nursing care has many merits in my home country.

【Mar Mar Win】I think Japan is a safe place and easy for foreigners to work in.

【Ei Ei Mon】I think that the Japanese people strictly follow the rules.

【Mar Mar Win】Before coming to Japan, I studied at a Japanese language school in Myanmar. Since coming to Japan I have been studying Japanese language by reading nursing care texts and by asking senior staff in the workplace when I have questions.

【Ei Ei Mon】To study Japanese language and nursing care service, I used YouTube, internet contents, and books.

【Mar Mar Win】Nursing care services related to bathing are my favorite.

【Ei Ei Mon】I love to talk to elderly people in our nursing care facility.

【Mar Mar Win】Our apartment is close to the nursing care facility, and I love that.

【Ei Ei Mon】Everything is fine at this nursing care facility.

【Mar Mar Win】I can easily purchase what I want and it is fresh.

【Ei Ei Mon】I think transportation and buying food are easy to do because our apartment is near to the supermarket, department store, and railway station.

【Ei Ei Mon】Seeing snow was the most impressive episode. I had never seen snow in Myanmar. The first snow in Japan was a sweet memory in my life.

【Mar Mar Win】I would like to get the qualification of Certified Care Worker.

【Ei Ei Mon】My dream is to be a Japanese teacher, as my parents are teachers.

【Mar Mar Win】I recommend that you to come to Japan because it is a safe place to live and has high levels of technology. Also, you can buy fresh products and anything you need at the shopping malls in Japan.

【Ei Ei Mon】I would advise other people to chose this nursing care job because you can learn the techniques about nursing care which you can use in our home country.

【Mar Mar Win】I felt happy when I heard the elderly people at the nursing care facility say “Thank you, thank you”.

【Ei Ei Mon】I am very happy when elderly people in our facility treat and talk to us the same way they would to Japanese even though we are foreigners.

【Mar Mar Win】When I talk to the families of elderly people in our facility I talk about my home country of Myanmar.

【Ei Ei Mon】I used to talk to the elderly people in the facility about my country, and also about myself.

【Mar Mar Win】Yes, I was told by some people at the facility that my work had improved.

【Ei Ei Mon】I was praised for my good Japanese language skills, even though I am a foreigner.

【Mar Mar Win】I usually talk about fun things and funny stories.

【Ei Ei Mon】There are many things to talk about, especially regarding our home country and my job.

【Mar Mar Win】I realized that eating nutritious foods, getting good sleep, taking medicine regularly, and so on are effective.

【Ei Ei Mon】After providing nursing care services to elderly people, I learned that taking a hot tub bath everyday is good for physical health and also good for your entire life.

【Mar Mar Win】Yes I had difficulty because the Japanese language that I learned in Myanmar was standard Japanese, but in the real workplace most of the people were speaking in the local dialect.

【Ei Ei Mon】Yes there were some difficulties. Although the Japanese language I learned in Myanmar was standard Japanese, Japanese staff at my facility used a local dialect that I did not understand. Because of this, I faced communication difficulties.

【Mar Mar Win】I think kind people are suitable for nursing care work.

【Ei Ei Mon】I think people who love elderly people.

【Mar Mar Win】I think it is because I like to take care of elderly people.

【Ei Ei Mon】Because I wanted to learn nursing care techniques and use them in my home country.

【Mar Mar Win】Although I understood what the elderly people were saying, it was difficult for me to respond.

【Ei Ei Mon】I can understand them if they use standard Japanese, however if they use a local dialect it is difficult for me to understand.

【Mar Mar Win】When I do not understand words spoken by elderly people at the facility, I ask the supervisor who is working with me.

【Ei Ei Mon】I ask again if I do not understand.

【Mar Mar Win】I think it has improved a lot.

【Ei Ei Mon】When I first arrived in Japan, my Japanese skill was not so good. Now, I can use Japanese like a native speaker.

【Mar Mar Win】I study Japanese language by reading books, using a dictionary to learn Kanji, and asking senior Japanese staff about words I do not know.

【Ei Ei Mon】To study Japanese I use the internet to listen to Japanese teachers’ explanations. Also, I study with text books.

【Mar Mar Win】I spend my days off studying and shopping.

【Ei Ei Mon】I study at home and sometimes go out.

【Mar Mar Win】I really like “Takoyaki”. It is a ball-shaped Japanese snack made from wheat flour and some octopus in the middle.

【Ei Ei Mon】I love curry called “Curry Rice” in Japan which tastes and looks like bean curry in Myanmar.

【Mar Mar Win】I like the sea of Japan where the water is clear and blue. The waves are strong and flowing, so it is very beautiful and makes me feel refreshed.

【Ei Ei Mon】I love the place called “Otogi no mori” where I can enjoy beautiful flowers. “Otogi no mori” is about a 10 minute bike ride from our apartment.

【Mar Mar Win】Japan is a safe country to live in, has high technical knowledge about nursing care services, and you can buy fresh and good quality products whenever you want so I suggest that you come to Japan.

【Ei Ei Mon】Myanmar people try to do good deeds everyday to obtain blessings. Nursing care service is a job with plenty of deeds, so I advise you to come to Japan and work at this job. In addition, you can support your family by working in Japan, which makes you feel happier. With all these benefits I advise you to choose this job.

Nepal Ghimire Dharmika

Country of origin : Nepal
Year of arrival in Japan : 2014
Status of residence : Nursing Care
Japanese skill : N3


when I was a child, I read about the war between America and Japan during the Second World War. That was the first time for me to know about Nagasaki and Hiroshima, so I wanted to visit and see Nagasaki and Hiroshima. To fulfil that desire I have come to Japan on a student visa.

Since I was a child, I loved to help and to serve elderly people, children and handicapped people. Because of that emotion, I have chosen to work for the elderly people.

Japan is a developed country and a safe place to live. Almost any work can be done by using convenient machines.

I am glad to help the handicapped and elderly people, those who cannot survive by themselves.

I sometimes eat food prepared for elderly people in the facility, and find that the food is really tasteful and healthy.

The place I am living in is peaceful, and the supermarket is nearby.

Japan is a very safe place for women, which is one of the reasons I have chosen to come here and work. You can travel to any place at any time without any worries.

I wish to help elderly people in Nepal after coming back to Nepal by making use of what I learned in Japan and school.

A High-level of language skill is required for the people who work in nursing care to easily communicate with the elderly. It is important to know what the workplace is like and what skills you need to do the job.

I am so glad when the elderly people smile and say “thank you for your service”. It is also a pleasure to hear when they say “Thank you very much for providing us services even though you come from a different country”.

We talk about the work elderly people did when they were young, and about their hobbies, wishes, families, favorite things, and favorite foods.

The work is easy and fun to do. However, sometimes you have to use all your body force to move the elderly from one place to another, which can cause body ache and back pain. The job is as hard as it is easy.

People who work in nursing care should be kind and helpful. You should respect elderly people, and listen patiently. You should not feel shame and disgust.

I have chosen Japan because it is a safe place for women.

If I face any issues, I look it up on the internet and/or ask senior staff members for help.

I try to ask many times to staff members and elderly people in the workplace until I clearly understand.

On my days off, I purchase necessary goods, clean my house, and call my family in Nepal. I try to study as much as I have time.

I like sashimi, tempura, and soba.

The natural beauty can be seen whenever you visit a park or go to the countryside.

By living with elderly people, listening to their old stories, and building closer relationships, it becomes easier and more fun to work.


Country of origin : Indonesia
Year of arrival in Japan : 2018
Status of residence : Technical Intern Trainee → Specified Skilled Worker (I)
Japanese skill : N2


I came here because I aspire to work as a nursing care worker and I’d like to support my family financially.

I’m interested in working in Japan because I used to work in a hospital. From my previous experience, I’d like to learn about nursing care services in Japan such as Japanese style and culture.

When I first arrived in Japan, I experienced a lot of difficulties, especially in communication, the lack of knowledge and understanding of the Japanese language. I also felt worried because my job requires me to speak, listen, and write in Japanese.

My current workplace has a daily care facility and a nursing care facility for the elderly. I work in the nursing care facility. When I just started working, I had some concerns because I’m a foreigner, but the staff and the elderly are very warm and friendly. The staff taught me a lot of things, from the Japanese language to nursing care skills. In my opinion, this is a comfortable place to work.

The environment where I live is very nice and clean, away from crowds, and close to work. It takes me about three to five minutes to get to work. My place is also close to pharmacies and clinics.

There are seasonal changes every year, such as spring where the cherry blossoms bloom, summer where the weather is very hot, autumn where I can see the falling leaves, and winter where I can see the snow. I feel very cold in the winter. I usually wear three layers of shirts and pants.

I can learn Japanese while working and gain skills and knowledge about nursing care. I feel that I’m proud to be able to work in Japan.

I provided nursing care related to bathing and toilet needs. I got to learn the methods of nursing care and realized that there’re difference between male and female users.

The first thing that I find difficult is giving assistance in moving. If I used the wrong technique, it would hurt the waist of the person I’ve helped to move. I learn from my seniors, but I need a long time to think about how I should do it and to master the technique. In my opinion, this method is very difficult. The second is giving assistance at mealtimes. Everyone has a different method. I have to maintain a good body position at the time of performing the action, and the action I perform must be in accordance with the correct method.

The staff and the elderly usually compliment me by saying, “you have good Japanese language skills.” When I’m working, I often receive compliments like, “you did a great job. You’re neat and polite.” The elderly often think of me as a Japanese person.

In my opinion, working on a very tight schedule is difficult. In terms of nursing care knowledge and skills, there is not much difference from what I’ve known before. In my opinion, the staff and the elderly are very friendly.

First, I’ve got to learn about the things I didn’t know before. Second, I’ve got to see the changes in the body condition of the elderly. Third, I can share the knowledge that I’ve learned to my family and other people around me.

I want to keep learning the Japanese language and I aspire to work as a certified care worker.

This job is very difficult and carries a high risk of injury. However, this job has allowed me to learn Japanese easily and quickly. I think this work is very beneficial as it’s useful for my future.

I’ve learned about nursing care in a vocational high school. Before I went to Japan, I learned nursing care knowledge and skills from my lecturers. Whenever I have questions, I would discuss them with the company staffs and the instructors here.

I practice my language skills by communicating with the staffs and the elderly here. I practice my listening skill and memorize vocabulary by watching YouTube, Japanese dramas, and Japanese news on the television. I also practice Japanese exam questions every day.

I don’t study every day. When I have free time, I usually study for approximately 3 hours.

Things that I find difficult while learning Japanese are memorizing Kanji and reading comprehension, such as ‘dokkai’.

To improve my Japanese language skills quickly, I listen to Japanese songs, watch Japanese dramas, and keep practicing. I always try to communicate with the staff and the elderly in Japanese. If there are things that I don’t understand, I don’t feel shy to ask them.

I dreamt of working in Japan and studying at a Japanese language school. I was informed that I could learn Japanese while working as a care worker in Japan. However, my financial condition wasn’t too good. I had no other choice but to borrow money from the bank. In my spare time, I worked part-time to earn for my school fees and to repay the loan I got from the bank. I also worked in a hospital. It was a very hard time for me.

On my holidays, I usually go shopping for daily necessities, clean my apartment and cook.
If I have a plan with my friends, I hang out with them. I also study in my spare time.

I like all kinds of Japanese cuisine, but I like sushi and miso soup the most.

Japan has a different culture and customs.

Washū-zan tenbodai. From this place, I can see the Seto Bridge.

I’ve experienced a lot of difficulties, especially in the Japanese language and cultural adaptation. However, I feel very glad to be working in Japan. I’ve also gained knowledge and experience that will be beneficial for my future. I got the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and enjoy Japanese food. I come from a low-income family, and that’s also the reason why I came and work in Japan. Preparation to go to Japan requires a lot of time and money. Nevertheless, I believe in myself and my ability. I have a strong determination to work and live in Japan.

Mongolia Khögjilt Otgongerel

Country of origin : Mongolia
Year of arrival in Japan : 2020
Status of residence : Technical Intern Trainee
Japanese skill : N3

Mongolia Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg

Country of origin : Mongolia
Year of arrival in Japan : 2020
Status of residence : Technical Intern Trainee
Japanese skill : N4


【Khögjilt Otgongerel】I came to Japan to learn Japanese culture and tradition.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】After hearing from my cousin, I decided to come to Japan to learn Japanese culture.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】As a care worker you always interact with people. There is so much to learn from doing so.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】I like to take care of the elders.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】I have a deep respect for Care workers. Because care work gives a chance to understand people.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】I like to listening to the life stories of the elders and spending quality times.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】The place where I work supports the aspects of others, and have professional workers and clean environment.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】If I don’t understand, my co-workers teaches me.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】Moriya is comfortable, safe and clean place. There is a park, so it’s nice to take a walk after work.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】Moriya is a quiet and comfortable environment.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】At the ARMS center, I’ve met people from many countries, with different cultures. I’ve got acquainted with new cultures in a new environment.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】I really enjoy visiting Japan’s monuments.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】The people who greet and smiles at me politely every day.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】Exercise time is a lot of fun.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】The most important thing is teamwork.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】I learned to work according to instructions.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】I think the hardest thing is not being able to understand others.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】It is difficult to lift and transfer people.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】I have been praised by users for my politeness.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】I like the word “Thank you”.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】Almost none.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】I become to understand other people.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】I’ve learned that empathy and flexibility are the most important things.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】I become more serious.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】My current goal is to reach the N1 level of Japanese and speak fluently.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】I intend to apply what I have learned from Japan to Mongolia.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】I want you to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and do the job sincerely.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】Because it requires to communicate with Japanese people every day, your Japanese will improve. So I suggest you to do care work. 

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】Before coming to Japan, I’ve studied Japanese for 6 months in Mongolia.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】I’ve studied Japanese for 6 months in Mongolia.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】The organization taught me Japanese for 1 year.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】The organization taught me Japanese for 1 year.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】The most difficult thing of Japanese is homonyms.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】Japanese kanji.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】To translate a small amount of text everyday.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】It is better to do things one step at a time.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】The most difficult part is transferring facility users.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】It was difficult to remember the name of all the tools.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】There is nothing to worry about if you stick to the instruction.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】When I first arrived in Japan, it was a little difficult for me to work because of my poor care work experience and Japanese language skill. I’ve improved my language capability by studying step by step every day.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】I go shopping.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】I try to relax as much as possible. Also, I try to spend time on self-development.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】I like seafood.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】I like yaki-niku and ramen.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】People are different in terms of longevity.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】The climate is very different from Mongolia. Japan is warm and Mongolia is cold.

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】I think the most beautiful place in Ibaraki is Okukuji.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】I love Oarai aquarium (Aqua World Oarai). I saw the ocean for the first time. 

【Khögjilt Otgongerel】Before coming to Japan, I would encourage you to learn the culture and Japanese language well.

Dagvatseren Shürentsetseg】Achieve your goals. Study well. Make your dreams come true.


Country of origin : Viet Nam
Year of arrival in Japan : 2019
Status of residence : Technical Intern Trainee
Japanese skill : N3


Country of origin : Viet Nam
Year of arrival in Japan : 2019
Status of residence : Technical Intern Trainee
Japanese skill : N2


【TRAN THI THU HOAI】I come to Japan to make money. Moreover, I want to improve my Japanese.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】When I was in university, I saw Japan as a good country through TV, and I want to experience it once. So I came to Japan.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】I like the elderly and want to learn how to take care of them.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】Because I love helping people and I love the elders, so I choose this job.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】I am happiest when I am conversing with the elderly every day.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】It is that every day I can help people and see their smiles.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】My facility is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】My workplace is beautiful, the atmosphere is warm, and the staff is enthusiastic.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】Life around me is quite convenient.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】The place where I live now is very beautiful, with both the sea and the mountains, and the neighbors are so friendly.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】Life in Japan is quite convenient.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】Life in Japan is quite convenient for me.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】The happiest thing is to see users eat well, sleep well, live happily… I feel very happy.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】The nice thing about this job is that I can help other people and see their smiles every day.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】Firstly, communicating with users is really difficult.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】The first experience I got from this job is that I am able to bring smiles to people all the time.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】The difficult thing for me is that sometimes when users want to talk about something or need something, I can’t explain it.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】I think the most difficult thing in this job is when it comes to problems and emergencies.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】Users usually praise me, saying things like “You’re very cute” or “You’re doing well”…

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】I received a lot of praises such as “You are cute!,” “You are so gentle!,” “You are doing great!,” etc. I was so happy when I received those words.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】Nothing has changed.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】I think it has changed. It’s more fun and interesting than I thought.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】I have learned many experiences, in which I know how to communicate and engage with the elderly more easily.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】In this job, you can experience not only in work but also in daily life, so let’s try if you can!

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】My goal is to study Japanese well. My dream is that after coming back to Vietnam, I want to develop the nursing care industry.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】From now on, I think I will continue to study more about Japanese and daily work. I want to experience more about Japanese life and culture.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】Studying Japanese is very necessary. You should learn about Japanese nursing care work before coming to Japan.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】This job is not only an interesting job but also possible to experience a lot of Japanese culture and life, so let’s come to Japan if you can!

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】In Vietnam, I will be guided by the teachers at the center. I also ask them to discuss with me when I don’t understand anything.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】First, I was introduced and taught by my university teacher. When I don’t understand, I talk to my teachers and my friends.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】I study Japanese at the Japanese language center in Vietnam.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】Before coming to Japan, I studied at a Japanese language center. After coming to Japan, I learned at work and then practiced by myself.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】I have been studying Japanese for 2 years in Vietnam.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】After coming to Japan, I studied Japanese for about 2 and a half years.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】When studying Japanese, I find kanji and grammar are the most difficult for me.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】I think the most difficult thing when studying Japanese is kanji, honorifics, and dialects.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】To study Japanese as quickly as possible, I think it is necessary to study and talk with Japanese people every day.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】To study Japanese well, there is no other way but to study it every day.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】First, I’ll seek advice from the facility staff, and then I’ll practice by myself after going home.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】Every day, I will try to study at home and practice again at work.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】Every day, I study for about an hour. I combine work and practice at work. After work, I practice again.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】Every day, I study for about 3 hours. I will organize my time to study vocabulary, kanji, and technical vocabulary.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】The technical vocabulary is the most difficult for me.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】In studying, I think kanji and honorifics are very difficult.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】There are difficulties. To solve the problem, I asked my staff at work. I ask them when I don’t understand something, and they will explain it to me in a very detailed way.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】I chose to come to Japan to work as a care worker but I was very worried because I don’t understand Japanese, then how can I do the work and be able to talk to people. After that, I tried to study Japanese.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】On my days off, I walk and study with my friends.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】On my days off, I usually talk to my family, friends, study, and go for a walk with my friends.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】My favorite food in Japan is curry rice.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】Japanese food is very delicious. My favorite food is curry rice.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】The biggest difference between Japan and Vietnam is about means of transport and about food.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】The different things between Japan and Vietnam are the transportation and the way food is prepared.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】I live in Hokkaido, where has a lot of beautiful scenery. There is Tomari beach near my house, Furano, Niseko… and meny more places.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】There are many beautiful scenes in Hokkaido. It’s Hakodate, Niseko… and Tomari near where I live.

【TRAN THI THU HOAI】My advice to you is to study Japanese carefully before coming to Japan and to participate in as many social activities as possible.

【NGUYEN THI THUY LINH】I think Japan is a good country. Let’s come to Japan and experience it if you can. First of all, you should study Japanese and discover about Japanese life.


Country of origin : Philippines
Year of arrival in Japan : 2016
Status of residence : Nursing Care
Japanese skill : N3


Country of origin : Philippines
Year of arrival in Japan : 2016
Status of residence : Nursing Care
Japanese skill : N2


【LOVELY ESTORGIO】I came to Japan to study. I want to study abroad and work in Japan.

【MARIE STELLA VI S.MORENO】Coming to Japan was my dream since I was young. The salary in Japan is higher than in my country, so I want to give my parents a good life.

【LOVELY ESTORGIO】I’m interested in nursing care work. I like to take care of people.

【MARIE STELLA VI S.MORENO】It was my dream to come and work in Japan. For me, the duties as a nurse or a care worker are almost the same as in my country.

【LOVELY ESTORGIO】I’m happy when seeing users’ smiles and when they say “Thank you”.

【MARIE STELLA VI S.MORENO】My nursing care facility is next to Suwa Lake, so I can see the fireworks from here in the summer. The staff here are very nice and helpful.

【LOVELY ESTORGIO】Currently I live in a rural place in Nagano prefecture, and things here are pretty cheap. I can also save a lot of money.

【MARIE STELLA VI S.MORENO】It was winter when I first was here. The weather was very cold and the scenery was white and beautiful that I thought it was just a dream. After graduation, I became a care worker and it was changed my life so far.

【LOVELY ESTORGIO】I’m satisfied with this job. I love the elders and taking care of them. When they say “thank you” and smile, I feel really happy.

【MARIE STELLA VI S.MORENO】Japanese is difficult at first but it becomes easy if you practice it many times. And the job is also hard without patience and effort.

【LOVELY ESTORGIO】You did your best, “Good job”… I love it when my users praise me. Also, the staff here did compliment “Lovely, you did your best. Thank you for your hard work”. I’m very excited.

【MARIE STELLA VI S.MORENO】A care worker’s job is not only to support users and the elders
but also to respect their feelings. Besides, it is also to support them with what they can still do now. That becomes my image of a care worker.

【LOVELY ESTORGIO】I want to bring my parents to Japan and live here for a long time.

【MARIE STELLA VI S.MORENO】When I return to my country, I would like to build the my very own nursing care facilty as this one. I want to help people in my country know about how to take care of the elders.

【LOVELY ESTORGIO】Nursing care is a promising occupation in Japan.

【MARIE STELLA VI S.MORENO】My message for those who are thinking of being a care worker in Japan is “There are a lot of opportunities for you here as a care worker and Japan is a very safe place to work and live in.”

【MARIE STELLA VI S.MORENO】I was studying Japanese by watching anime and watching Japanese movies. And I was studying Japanese for about 2 years at a Japanese school. After that, I entered a certified care welfare vocational school.

【LOVELY ESTORGIO】The hardest part is kanji. I have to study it from the beginning. I also have to study a lot of hiragana and katakana.

【MARIE STELLA VI S.MORENO】In Japanese, grammar and kanji are difficult there are also honorifics,…I can not remember them at all.

【LOVELY ESTORGIO】I remember 5 to 10 words every day. I also watch anime and Japanese dramas and talk to Japanese people.

【MARIE STELLA VI S.MORENO】I think to improve Japanese skills, you should speak Japanese frequently, read books, watch movies without subtitles.

【LOVELY ESTORGIO】I use “Kaigo Navi”. It’s quite convenient. It helps me understand and remember vocabulary and kanji easily. I read it many times. I also read all the textbooks both in English and Japanese many times.

【MARIE STELLA VI S.MORENO】When I was in the second year, I started studying for the nursing care test. I went to school from 9 am to 4 pm and when I got home I studied for about 2 hours. When I was on my day off, I spend about 4 hours studying myself.

【LOVELY ESTORGIO】Kanji and vocabulary are the most difficult. There are also so many specialized terms in nursing care that I have to study.

【LOVELY ESTORGIO】I can’t go anywhere now because of Coronavirus, so I’m spending almost time in my room surfing SNS or Facebook, texting messages with my friends and relatives. I also have a YouTube channel and become a youtuber. Besides, I also TikTok videos or cooking.

【MARIE STELLA VI S.MORENO】When I’m on my day off, I watch anime and movies at home. Besides, I clean my house. I don’t go outside so much, so I want to go outside, but because of corona virus, I can’t go.

【LOVELY ESTORGIO】My favorite food in Japan is donburi, katsudon, tendon, gyudon, oyakodon. It is really delicious.

【MARIE STELLA VI S.MORENO】The first Japanese food I ate was takoyaki, so I love it. And I also like yakisoba, which is a little like Pancit in my country. Yakisoba and Pancit are made in the same way.

【LOVELY ESTORGIO】Matsumoto Castle in Nagano Prefecture is very famous. It is close to Shiojiri, so it will take 30 minutes to go by train. Besides, at Christmas, the illuminations in Azumino are so beautiful. There are also many ski resorts in Nagano prefecture, and I like skiing too, but I couldn’t do it well.

【MARIE STELLA VI S.MORENO】My favorite place is Tateishi Park. This park is on the mountain. From there, you can see all the scenery of Suwa Lake. It’s magnificent. The scenery of Suwa Lake, which was a scene in the anime “Your Name”.

【LOVELY ESTORGIO】Studying Japanese is very important. From the beginning, you have to study basic Japanese such as greetings, vocabulary, hiragana, katakana, and kanji.

【MARIE STELLA VI S.MORENO】Nursing care job is really rewarding. I learn Japanese and skills. And the most important thing is that I have to focus on my goals and be patient.
I will cherish it.


Country of origin : Thailand
Year of arrival in Japan : 2019
Status of residence : Technical Intern Trainee
Japanese skill : N2


I want to learn about the elderly nursing care system in Japan and want to enhance my Japanese language skills.

I want to take care of the elderly so that they have their best quality of life until the end of their life.

To see the elderly having good life quality and staying good and healthy every day.

The elderly can carry out their daily life per their ability. And there are staff to take care of the things they can’t.

The weather in Ibaraki isn’t very cold. Thai people can survive.

When I was studying and working with my Japanese and foreigner colleagues, I was very happy.

To see the elderly having a healthy life and to see their smiles every day.

I have no prior experience in nursing care. This is my first time working like this.

The difficult thing is the elderly have different health and illness conditions so it is a little bit hard to take care them.

My colleagues told me that I work very fast and my Japanese skills have improved.

I learned a lot of new Japanese words about diseases and health conditions and it helps me work easier.

My dream is to pass both N1 for Japanese language test and the Certified Care Worker test.

Please come try working in Japan and experiencing the nursing care work yourselves.

At first I was studying Japanese at the school in Chiangmai. When I came to work here in Japan, I attended Japanese and nursing care classes, then I passed the N2 test.

I have been studying Japanese for about 2 years.

The difficulties are Kanji and grammar that is very different from Thai language.

Reading news and watching TV in Japanese can help you improve your Japanese skill.

Technical terms and disease names are the difficult things about studying for the care work.

I usually play games and read novels on my day off.

My favorite Japanese foods are sushi and ramen.

The difference between Japan and Thailand that I felt is the culture, which is very different.

The place I like going to is the Navel Park.

For people who want to work in Japan, I recommend you to prepare your Japanese skill and if you want to work as a care worker I also recommend that you study a lot of the technical terms.


Country of origin : Sri Lanka
Year of arrival in Japan : 2021
Status of residence : Technical Intern Trainee
Japanese skill : JLPT N3


Country of origin : Sri Lanka
Year of arrival in Japan : 2021
Status of residence : Technical Intern Trainee
Japanese skill : JLPT N3


【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】I came to Japan as a technical intern trainee to learn nursing care.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】I wanted to go to Japan after graduating from high school, so I studied Japanese and came to Japan.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】Taking care of the elderly people is considered a precious thing in my religion, therefore I was interested in making use of it as a job.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】I chose to work in as a nursing care because I have loved taking care of my grandmother and grandfather since I was a child.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】The most enjoyable times for me are when I am doing recreational activities with the users and am talking with them.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】What I enjoy the most is talking to the users about various things.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】The good points are that all the staff members are working together, following the leader’s instructions, and if I don’t understand something, everyone is willing to teach me.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】I think the good point is that everyone works in harmony, and if there is something you do not know, the senior people teach you.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】I like that there is a lot of green countryside and mountains around, instead of buildings.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】I think the good thins about this area is that it is rich in nature and has many tourist attractions.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】I can’t talk about just one episode because from the day I arrived in Japan until today I have been living in all new experiences. This life itself is an unforgettable memory.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】I have many unforgettable memories, but the day I first arrived at the company is the most memorable.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】I am happiest when I see the users are healthy and joyful because of my care for them.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】I was most happy to see the smiles on the faces of the users when I did recreational activities with them.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】It was my first time working as a nursing care worker, so everything I did was a new experience for me.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】Nursing care was my first job, and I learned a lot from doing the job.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】While fully understanding the limited capabilities of the users, I think it is difficult to watch over them and provide assistance to prevent accidents from happening.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】The hardest part is that I have to think about and help the users so that they don’t have any accidents because they are not well and cannot do things by themselves.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】When I gave the users a bath, they said to me “You have gotten good at giving a bath, you are used to it now. Thank you very much for your service, and I hope you will do it again sometime.” The users also said, “Thank you for everything. Because of your support, I am doing well.”

【ASHINI NIMESHA】After I took a day off, a user once said to me, “You had a day off yesterday. I was so lonely without you.” Also, once when a user got out of the bath, the user said to me, “Your nursing care in the bath was good. Thanks to you, I felt good.”

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】No, nothing has changed regarding my image of nursing care.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】No, nothing has changed regarding my image of nursing care.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】In order to start a nursing home, which is my dream, it is very important for me to study and experience nursing care in Japan.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】My goal is to start a nursing care business for the elderly after I return to my country, so I think what I am learning here now is the most important thing.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】I would like to use the knowledge and experience that I learned in Japan and use it to build a nursing home back in my home country of Sri Lanka. I would like to be the president of the nursing home and use it to take care of my family and lead a happy life.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】My dream is to build a nursing care facility when I go back to my country, and I hope to succeed using the nursing care skills that I am learning with Japanese technology.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】In nursing care service, the most important thing is for the users to be healthy. To be more precise, it is important to take care of not only the physical health of the users, but also their mental health. When you talk to users, please smile, be polite, and speak to them in a way that is easy to hear and understand. The level of necessary care varies from user to user, so please be careful when providing care to them. Please take care of your own health and physical conditions as well.

Truly, nursing care is a job that makes the heart happy.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】It is important to think about details in order to avoid accidents, because the physical condition of the users varies from person to person and from day to day.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】In addition to learning about nursing care work and Japanese from colleagues and teachers, I watched nursing care videos on YouTube by myself, and practiced reading and writing kanji. I made an effort to use Japanese when I was talking to my friends or on the phone. I also studied Japanese while watching Japanese TV even after arriving in Japan.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】I studied Japanese by reading kanji and watching Japanese TV. I also downloaded apps for kanji and grammar and studied them by myself.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】I’ve been in Japan for about 10 months now, and I’m still studying Japanese.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】I have passed the N3 exam and will continue to study Japanese.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】There is a lot to remember about Japanese kanji, words, etc. It becomes difficult if you don’t use Japanese all the time.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】It is difficult for me to read Kanji.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】You should always think and speak in Japanese, and watch Japanese anime and movies. If you work hard and study hard, your Japanese will get better.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】I think your Japanese will improve if you look up words you do not know by watching Japanese TV and by reading newspapers, and also use by using apps to study on your own.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】It was difficult for me to understand the Japanese used in nursing care work.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】I had to learn a lot of things, because we use many different words in our daily nursing care work.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】I’ve studied nursing care, but I can’t get it 100% into my head until I actually do it.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】I had never worked as a nursing care worker before, and this was my first job, so there were many things that I did not understand and could not do well. For these, I was in a bit of trouble.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】I enjoy my holidays by riding my bike to different places, going shopping, and singing songs with Ashini.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】On my days off, I go shopping, play games with my friends, and visit various places.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】I love yakisoba and chicken curry.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】My favorite food is dry curry.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】Some of the things that are different from my country are: taking off clothes and going in together at a Onsen, vending machines that I can buy whatever I want, how to ride a bus or train, and eating food with chopsticks.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】There are no vending machines in Sri Lanka. Also, in Sri Lanka, I never took a bus or soaked in a bath, so I was very surprised when I came to Japan.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】Inasayama, Huis Ten Bosch, and the Penguin Aquarium.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】There are many tourist places I like to visit, because Nagasaki is a tourist destination. The Megane Bridge is one of them.

【KAUINDYA SITHUMINI】Japan is a very clean and advanced country with amazing technology. There are four seasons, and the climate changes with each season. You have to manage your own physical condition within those seasons.

Japanese people are very punctual, so please be on time and do your work carefully. Please try to go to beautiful places on your days off, save money, and have fun.

【ASHINI NIMESHA】Japan has four seasons. Due to the hot and cold weather, it is easy to get sick. It is important to take care of your health while working. It is also important to work while thinking about the physical condition of the users.

Please always smile and stay healthy.


Country of origin : Cambodia
Year of arrival in Japan : 2020
Status of residence : Specified Skilled Worker
Japanese skill : JLPT N4


Country of origin : Cambodia
Year of arrival in Japan : 2020
Status of residence : Specified Skilled Worker
Japanese skill : JLPT N3


【MOEURN SREY POV】I came to Japan because I want to work in Japan, earn care work experience from Japan, and know Japanese life.

【RY SOPHEAP】I came to Japan because I love and like Japan which is a beautiful country. Moreover, I want to earn many experiences.

【MOEURN SREY POV】I’m interested in care work because I love elderly people and want to help them until their late life.

【RY SOPHEAP】I have interested to be a care worker and that is why I came here. I want to assist elderly people who don’t have ability to do by themselves.

【MOEURN SREY POV】It makes me happy and motivates me when old people are cheerful, smile back at me, and praise me.

【RY SOPHEAP】I’m happy when I have worked as a care worker. After half year’s work, I can speak Japanese with elderly people fluently and well. So, I felt very happy.

【RY SOPHEAP】My working facility has several good points. The best point is that my colleagues are friendly. When I don’t understand and ask them, they teach me to until I understand.

【MOEURN SREY POV】There are no earthquakes where I live. I am allowed to plant some vegetables in the field, so I do not need to buy them. I do have to buy meat, though.

【RY SOPHEAP】My favorite memory from this place was the hot springs. When I entered a hot spring, I felt so good.

【MOEURN SREY POV】I am happy to take care of the elderly people and see if they stay healthy. Also, I feel happy when Japanese people are kind and helpful.

【RY SOPHEAP】My difficulty was when I moved elderly people from a chair to a wheelchair. However, if you master enough techniques, it is not difficult anymore.

【MOEURN SREY POV】The users always compliment me on how hard I work, how good I am, and how cute I am.

【MOEURN SREY POV】My goal and dream are to pass JLPT N2 after living in Japan for 3 to 5 years. Then, I will return my country as successful person or capable person to run a company.

【RY SOPHEAP】As I love nursing care work, I set a goal to pass the exam of Certified Care Worker to develop myself better.

【MOEURN SREY POV】What I would like to tell people who are going to work as a care worker that sometimes what you hear in rumors and what you actually do are different things. I am not worried about this job, and the work we do here is similar to what we studied in school.

【RY SOPHEAP】My messages are, first you should study technical words that will be useful in your work. And second, you should practice and watch videos related to real practice.

【RY SOPHEAP】When I was at school, I studied care work’ skills for 4 hours in the afternoon, and I studied Japanese vocabulary for 4 hours in the morning. Then, in the evening, I practiced them. The most important thing were technical words and practices.

【MOEURN SREY POV】It is a good idea to study while we are working. For me, I always study approximately 1 hour every day because I want to take an exam. When I had day off, I spent much more time to study.

【RY SOPHEAP】In Japanese language, the most difficult thing is Kanji because Hiragana is not much used here.

【MOEURN SREY POV】To improve my Japanese language, I always watch TV, talk to my colleagues, and listen to them. Then, my Japanese will be improved.

【MOEURN SREY POV】I studied 8 hours a day in school, and I also took time to study myself at home. For me, I never went outside. When I was waiting food I had ordered, I took that chance to study Japanese through my mobile phone. After I got up in the morning, I always memorized 50 words a day and reviewed the lessons before I went to school, and I previewed the lesson after I came home.

【RY SOPHEAP】I studied over 4 hours a day, 1 hour for grammar, 2 hours for vocabulary and 1 hour for listening. Especially, I focused on technical words for approximately 1 to 2 hours.

【RY SOPHEAP】I spent 1 year in order to pass both specialty and Japanese language. At the time, my Japanese level was just N4.

【MOEURN SREY POV】On my days off, I cleaned my room, washed clothes, hanged out and took a rest 1 to 2 hours. Because I planted some vegetable, I watered them and removed the grasses.

【RY SOPHEAP】When I have days off, I take a rest at home, and hang out nearby my house and go to the gym.

【MOEURN SREY POV】I like Misoshiru because this soup is like Cambodian soup that I can add some vegetable. Besides, I like salmon because it is delicious.

【RY SOPHEAP】I like Sushi, raw fish, and Sukiyaki.

【MOEURN SREY POV】Because I’m working in Hokkaido, the most beautiful places are ski resorts because I could see white, beautiful snow. And flowers are also beautiful in this season. Because Japanese people in this region always plant flowers in front of their houses.

【RY SOPHEAP】I don’t know much about the beautiful places in Hokkaido. Because of Covid 19, I haven’t travelled yet.

【MOEURN SREY POV】It is not the wrong decision for people who want to come for working. Please don’t think Hokkaido is too cold. Even though it is cold, we have Japanese style thick sweaters and we don’t work outside. As we work indoors at the facility, we feel warm and there is no problem. The most important thing is that we should study hard about the skills of nursing care and Japanese language because when we can speak and listen fluently, all will be fine.

【RY SOPHEAP】I want you to study the Japanese language, technical words, and care workers skills. Because Japan is good and beautiful, and Japanese people are kind, you don’t have to worry. Let’s challenge together!

Bangladesh NUR A ALAM

Country of origin : Bangladesh
Year of arrival in Japan : 2020
Status of residence : Technical Intern Trainee
Japanese skill : JLPT N4


Country of origin : Bangladesh
Year of arrival in Japan : 2020
Status of residence : Technical Intern Trainee
Japanese skill : JLPT N4


【NUR A ALAM】Because Japan is a very safe and beautiful country.

【FAYSAL AHMED】Ever since I was a child, I had a strong desire to go to Japan. I began to study Japanese and wanted to work in Japan. I love Japan.

【NUR A ALAM】Nursing care is a job to serve others, that’s why I took this job.

【FAYSAL AHMED】In my country, nursing care for people is a noble job. That’s why I chose this job.

【NUR A ALAM】I feel so good to see a smile on their face.

【FAYSAL AHMED】There is a lot of pleasure working with Japanese people. They all are very helpful.

【NUR A ALAM】There are many kinds of functions in our facility. There is a place for rehabilitation and exercise on the second floor. Also, very beautiful listening to music and exercise places are available.

【FAYSAL AHMED】I like this place very much because the surrounding areas are very beautiful and it is close to the house where I live.

【NUR A ALAM】I feel very good since the place is near the sea. The environment is very beautiful.

【FAYSAL AHMED】The sakura garden and the ocean are nearby and they are very beautiful.

【NUR A ALAM】This is the first job in my life. That’s why I feel so good.

【FAYSAL AHMED】I was very surprised to see Sakura flowers and snowfall here, which is a very great experience.

【NUR A ALAM】This is a very noble job.

【FAYSAL AHMED】First of all, radio calisthenics is a lot of fun. It’s also very fun to talk to the users of the facility. Work is a lot of fun for me.

【NUR A ALAM】Always things have to be done carefully, by watching and listening.

【FAYSAL AHMED】I have never done this work before. That was my first experience after coming here. So, I was very surprised. I got used to it very easily.

【NUR A ALAM】I always pay attention when I support the elderly in their eating.

【FAYSAL AHMED】In this work, I believe that proper exercise can keep us healthy.

【NUR A ALAM】When I hear thanks from the users, I feel very good.

【FAYSAL AHMED】I support and joke around with a lot of users at my work. As a result, the users like me very much and thank me many times.

【NUR A ALAM】It’s the same image I had before.

【FAYSAL AHMED】The job is very enjoyable and it is actually a job of great choice. I do not feel any change in it.

【NUR A ALAM】By doing this nursing care work, I will be able to take care of my parents in the future.

【FAYSAL AHMED】After gaining experience in nursing care in Japan, I would like to return to Bangladesh to build such a facility.

【NUR A ALAM】I want to do my job better by studying more about nursing care work.

【FAYSAL AHMED】I would like to learn a lot about nursing care by studying a lot while working here, and want to be a certified care worker.

【NUR A ALAM】A nursing care is a very good job. It is noble work, and easy and good if someone do the work with high importance. Everyone can do this work if they want since it is very simple.

【FAYSAL AHMED】First of all, one must love others. If you do, you will love this job.

【NUR A ALAM】The study of Japanese language and nursing care work is fairly easy. If someone studies and tries to learn everyday, then one can do it very well.

【FAYSAL AHMED】Everyday, I try to learn a lot from my senior colleagues and study through the internet.

【NUR A ALAM】Everyday I study Japanese about two hours, and also there is an online Japanese study once a week, so my Japanese will become easier and easier.

【FAYSAL AHMED】First of all, I studied Japanese language for a year in my home country. Then I came here, but I am still studying.

【NUR A ALAM】Kanji is very difficult to understand and I sometimes have trouble understanding the kanji when reading Japanese.

【FAYSAL AHMED】Japanese is easy to speak, but it is very difficult to learn Kanji. It is a great pleasure to speak another language. It makes me feel very good.

【NUR A ALAM】You have to study Japanese language every day, and have to watch Japanese language movies. Then, your understanding of Japanese will become easier and easier.

【FAYSAL AHMED】When I study Japanese, I use Google Translate online. It is very convenient.

【NUR A ALAM】As for the difficult words, I had no idea what they meant.

【FAYSAL AHMED】The nursing care terms were long and difficult to remember.

【NUR A ALAM】At first, I learned from the senior colleagues, then I tried by observing what they did.

【FAYSAL AHMED】When I was in Bangladesh, I learned a lot from a caregiver trainer from Canada.

【NUR A ALAM】I enjoy cycling. I go to see the beautiful ocean. I watch Japanese movies in my free time.

【FAYSAL AHMED】Traveling is my favorite thing, however now I always have to stay at home due to Covid.

【NUR A ALAM】I like Sushi and Gyudon (beef bowl).

【FAYSAL AHMED】My favorite foods are Gyudon (beef ball) and soup.

【NUR A ALAM】The food in Bangladesh and Japan is completely different.

【FAYSAL AHMED】Bangladesh has a large population. Japan has a much lower population density. So, Japan is much safer than Bangladesh.

【NUR A ALAM】The ocean is very beautiful here.

【FAYSAL AHMED】I like Tokushima Naruto, Naruto Bridge, Zoo, Tokushima Park, Bizan Park, and Bizan Hills.

【NUR A ALAM】The Japanese language is very simple. We all should study and master the Japanese language very well before coming to Japan .Then, it will be very easy and convenient for doing work.

【FAYSAL AHMED】What I have learned since coming to Japan is that the Japanese language is very important. So, those who will come to Japan from my country should master the Japanese language very well, and then come to Japan. This is my advice.

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