Announcement of press release for Philippines

This is a “foreign care personnel acceptance promotion project” for the Philippines,

for a “specified skilled worker system” information campaign broadcasted live from Japan

 An experienced caregiver from the Philippines who works in Japan will be present



The purpose of this project, is to secure foreign human resources who wish to work at Japanese caregiver worker sites under the “specified skilled worker system” in Japan. This is the second time this year we are holding this online event as a subsidized project of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.


In addition to holding online briefing sessions targeting “young people who are interested in Japan and are interested in living and working in Japan” in the Philippines, we are conducting information drive campaigns via WEB and SMS, PR on Japanese caregiver worker opportunities.

This time, we will hold a “live event” connecting Japan and the Philippines with the aim of deepening the sense of familiarity with Japan and getting to know the “specified skilled worker system” for getting a caregiver job in Japan. Compared to last years’ event this year is better with an actual Filipino Caregiver currently in Japan who can answer questions and queries.


Therefore, please post it on your media.


■ Event name: Japan Care Worker Guide 2021 ~ Online Information Session ~ 

■ Organizer: Japan Care Worker Guide Management Office

*This project is part of the “Foreign Care Human Resources Acceptance Promotion Project”, a subsidized project of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.


■ Date: November 27, 2021 (Sat) 13: 00-14: 30 (Philippines time)

   We will hold an online information session connecting Japan and the Philippines.



■ Viewing method: In this project, considering the infection status of the new coronavirus in the Philippines, we will allow pre-registered applicants to watch using the Facebook live distribution method using their own device (PC or smartphone). I will guide you. Please contact the application for details.

■ Target person: Those who live in the Philippines and are young person interested in living and working in Japan, more or less 80 participants will attend this seminar

■Progress: Connect live with people from the Philippines who work as caregiver in Japan, and interact with Japan while interacting online. We will accept questions in advance and answer them at the seminar. Program flow will be as follows:

  • Introduction of charm of Japan
  • Introducing Japan now 
  • Why Japan needs Caregiver workers
  • Caregiver Work Life (Compensation, Training, Day to day schedules)
  • About “Specified skilled worker” status and requirements
  • About Exam advice and study methods for learning Japanese
  • Q & A


In 2021, we will have Filipinos who actually work in A Japan Nursing house facility to carry out the program with more fulfilling content.


■NoteThe event may be changed based on the status of the current Alert Situation FOR COVID 19. If there is a change, we will contact you from the following application.


■Application Location

・company name:MC Service Inc.  ・person in charge:Hiyoshi Francis J . Gregorio

・Contact number:+639770329739


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