Japan Care Worker Guide Online Seminar in Sri Lanka

Everyone who loves Japan,

Would you like to work as a caregiver worker in Japan?

We will hold an online information session for working in Japan. 

A long-term caregiver worker from the Sri Lanka who works in Japan also appears.



“Japan Care Worker Guide 2021 ~ Online Information Session ~” Will be held online.


This briefing session aims of letting everyone know about life in Japan and the “specified skilled worker” for getting a job as caregiver in Japan. The program is fulfilling such as connecting with working people online and answering questions.


Considering the infection situation of the new coronavirus in the Sri Lanka, it is not a collective format, but a briefing session that you can watch on Facebook Live on your device (PC or smartphone). If you would like to work in Japan or are interested in long-term care work, please join us.



■ Event name: Japan Care Worker Guide 2021 ~ Online Information Session ~ 


■ Organizer: Japan Care Worker Guide Management Office

*This project is part of the “Foreign Care Human Resources Acceptance Promotion Project”, a subsidized project of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.


■ Date : January 11, 2022 (Tue) 14: 30-16: 00 (Sri Lanka time)

   We will hold an online information session connecting Japan and the Sri Lanka.


■ Viewing method: In this project, considering the infection status of the new coronavirus in the Sri Lanka, we will allow pre-registered applicants to watch using the Facebook live distribution method using their own device (PC or smartphone). Please contact the application for details.

               This seminar will be conducted in English (partly in Japanese).


■ Recruitment target: Those who live in the Sri Lanka and are interested in living and working in Japan, those who want to work as a care worker

■Progress: Connect live with people from the Sri Lanka who work as caregiver in   Japan, and interact with Japan while interacting online. I will explain my work. We will accept questions in advance and answer them at the seminar.

  • Introduction of charm of Japan
  • Introducing Japan now 
  • Why Japan needs Caregiver worker
  • Let’s get know the work of caregiver (about rewarding,daily work flow, traning)
  • About Specified skilled worker
  • About Exam (advice and study methods for learning Japanese)
  • Q & A


■Note:The event may be changed based on the status of the new coronavirus infection. If there is a change, we will contact you from the following application.


If you would like to watch the online distribution (information session),

please apply to your school or contact the following with the following information.

※ Please fill in the required information in the email and apply.



■Required information (for each applicant)

・ School name ・ Name ・ Email address ・ phone number

・ Questions for instructors and Sri Lankan working in Japan nursing facilities

・・What you are wondering or want to ask in order to work as a caregiver worker in Japan


■Contact information(Accepting applications from outside the school)

・company name:Blue Lotus  ・person in charge:Reiko Ando, J.A.Sriyanga

・Contact number:075-6933233



■deadline : Friday, January 7, 2022 17:00

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